Jennifer Walker, Practice Administrator

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker is a self-proclaimed lover of luxury, but she wholeheartedly believes that “luxury” shouldn’t only be reserved for the elite. That’s the philosophy she strives to emanate in her role as practice administrator at Skin Esteem. Jennifer takes a hands-on approach and essentially does it all – from guiding our clients through their treatment process, to managing the marketing for the practice, to making sure the office remains in its usual pristine condition. If it needs to be done, Jennifer never hesitates to step up to the plate. She is the quintessential wearer of many hats at Skin Esteem, though her main role is being our marketing guru and social media savant.

An Ohio native born in Dayton and raised in Cincinnati, Jennifer has made her rounds throughout the country. After graduating college, she lived in San Diego, California for four years, followed by a year in New York City and three years in Scottsdale, Arizona. But she eventually made her way back home.

Before becoming an integral member of the Skin Esteem family, Jennifer’s love of luxury became apparent when she worked for the well-known French fashion company Louis Vuitton. Even then, she somehow knew that aesthetics was destined to be her next big adventure, primarily because of the people component coupled with her own concerns on aging.

“I like being around people, and I like meeting people,” Jennifer said. “I’m naturally curious, and I really like client-facing jobs. As someone who’s fighting aging herself, aesthetics is something that you naturally get interested in and want to learn about. I like to follow my passion. If I’m naturally interested in something, then that’s the industry I should be in.”

In researching a host of area med spas and even plastic surgery practices, Jennifer quickly realized that many of them lacked in harnessing the power of effective marketing.

“How is this entire industry supposed to be a secret? Especially in the Midwest, I think people don’t want to admit that they’ve had work done,” Jennifer said. “But the industry doesn’t need to be a secret.”

Jennifer aims to remove that stigma of secrecy and cultivate a better image – one in which luxury can be enjoyed by all.

“I love the world of luxury, but luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive. One of the things I learned at Louis Vuitton is that people are often intimidated to come into an environment that they’re not sure of or that has this perception of being expensive,” she explained. “It’s very strange to me that people assume luxury is supposed to be standoffish. I feel like it should be the complete opposite. It should be fun. That’s the vibe we try to convey at Skin Esteem.”

And you can certainly expect Skin Esteem to be a fun atmosphere. Jennifer and the rest of the team make sure of that.

“We laugh a lot,” she said. “Obviously, it can’t all be fun all the time, but a lot of it should be.”

Aside from the laughter, witnessing the amazing transformations for clients is the icing on the cake for Jennifer. Many client success stories abound, but one in particular stands out for her.

“A girlfriend of mine that I had worked with at Louis Vuitton was bitten by a dog on the face when she was 12,” Jennifer said. “She had a scar on her upper lip, and she couldn’t wear lipstick because makeup often doesn’t adhere to scar tissue. We were doing a microneedling training, and I reached out to her be our model. She came in and did the microneedling, and Jenn Bleser injected her scar with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and totally softened it. She was so happy with the results. Part of what’s so fun about this business is you get to help somebody feel good. Skin Esteem takes it to a whole other level.”

That other level entails looking beyond the clients’ initial aesthetic concerns and taking more of a comprehensive approach to treatment.

“We want to treat the aging process as a total body process,” Jennifer explains. “Aging isn’t just something that happens in your face. When you start to look at it a little more holistically and you combine the injectables and the skin care with other treatments, then it gets really interesting. That’s when you’re treating the whole patient.”

In her free time, Jennifer loves to travel, play tennis, and develop her novice golf skills. She can also be found enjoying anything active and outdoors with her two boys.